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Keiko Mima

Born in 1971 in Hokkaido Japan, Keiko Mima studied from 1989-90 at Suidobata Art School, T okyo in Japan, and from 1992-86 she did her B.F .A (Painting) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto in Japan. In 1997 she came to Santiniketan and then with her family moved to Pondicherry for her children's education. She is inspired by nature and works from nature directly, sitting for hours together to capture the minutest details of textures on dry leaves or the delicate veins seen on leaves and petals. She has participated in several group shows in India and Japan. She has participated in two men shows, one was in 2008 at the Gallery Modern, Kobe in Japan and the other one in 2009 at the T aj Mount Road in Chennai. She is currently freelancing as an artist in Pondicherry.