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Gubendhiran's work speaks of how every aspect of a fisherman's life is deeply ingrained and dependant on the catching, selling and the whole and sole survival through fishing. He belongs to the Veerampattinam village where there are about five thousand fishermen families, he did his B.F .A. in painting from Bharathiar Palkalai Koodam in Pondicherry and is currently enrolled in his first year of M.F .A. in painting in Bangalore. Even today he sometimes takes the boat early in the morning with his father or brothers to catch fish that his mother sells it in the market and then in the day time he goes about doing his painting work. During the day the fishermen dry and mend the nets, clean the boats, discuss about the areas that were good or bad for fishing. Little do we realize while eating a fish the effort that goes behind in catching it!